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Monopole Magnet

Monopole Magnet
Monopole Magnet
Product Code : 06
Product Description


Jakes magnets have to be installed just before the cut over value for efficient Magnetization.


Jakes Magnets can be fixed Vertically or Horizontally to suit the site condition. To suit 6",8" & 10" pipes in the existing pipeline flanges may be altered accordingly.


Monopole Magnets are available for  6",8" & 10" Bore 36" length (Magnet effect 24") Magnet Power 24000 Gausse, Magnet Weight (approximately) 120 - 130 kgs.


1. Reduction in caustic soda consumption (used in clearing) is more than 40% after installation of magnets.

2. Due to soft scale the tube cleaning duration is reduced by 30% .

3. Extension of run duration by minimum 10 days.


Scale formation is reduced by more than 40% the soft, loose settle down in the sulphide syrup storage tanks, which can be removes periodically or filtered by vibration screens unit over syrup tank.


Caustic Soda consumption can be reduced by 40% more than that of  the present consumption.


1. Zero running expenses.

2. Reduction in Evaporator Cleaning costs.

3. Reduction in number of cleaning.

4. Extended crushing run.

5. Energy Saving.

6. Reduced cleaning duration.

7. Greater process Control.

8. Longer operating life of Evaporator bidy & tubes.

9. Reduced Pollution.

10. More crushing and sugar bags.


Take out the Jakes "M" Magnet at the time of cleaning period to clean the Iron particles arrested or collected in the Monopole Magnet and after cleaning again it can be refitted at it's place for future operation.


1. Boiler feed water.

a) Boiler Cooling,

b) Crystalliser Cooling,

c) Injection water available for sizes: 1"2"3" & 4".

2. Turbine cooling.

3. Service water.

4. Distillation Column.